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Any fans out there?

I have a question: Are there any active communities to discuss Supernatural at all? I've checked a few and they're all years old or else only one or two people post. It would be good to be able to chat with folk about current stuff. I find Tumblir difficult to navigate and not conducive to conversations. I did get a response from here once and have posted some fic here.

Fic: Pomegranate

Title: Pomegranate
Author: frozen_delight
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Crowley
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Immoral people doing immoral things.
Word count: ~ 4300
Beta: Many, many thanks to the fantastic misplaced_ad who is the most swift, thoughtful and encouraging beta one could hope for. All remaining mistakes are mine of course.
Summary: After the events of 11x05 “Thin Lizzie” Dean and Crowley go on a road trip together to find Amara.

Read here: LJ | AO3 | FF.net
SPN - Crowley

Fic: A Little Me Time

Title: A Little Me Time
Author: pushkin666
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 666 (yep not kidding *g*)
Pairing: Crowley/Crowley
Warnings (if applicable) None really unless Crowley potentially having sex with himself squirks you out *g*

Notes: Written for the spnspiration April Fools Challenge.  The prompt given by patriciatepes was "Crowley, me time." Thank you to kat_lair for the swift filthy beta and also for the suggestion of "the sheer amount of evil awesomess within became too big to be contained by one physical body. ergo two. and two of the same because hey, why mess with perfection." Crowley wakes up to find that he's not alone in bed... instead there of two of him!

"Hello darling," says his doppelgänger, leaning up on one elbow. "Well isn't this a pleasant surprise."

Fic: That's What Makes It Fun

Title: That's What Makes It Fun
Author: frozen_delight
Pairing: Dean/Crowley pre-slash
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.
Word count: ~ 1300
Beta: Many, many thanks to the fantastic anactoria who stepped in at a very short notice and kept me from embarrassing myself with all sorts of awkward phrases.
Summary: Sometime between 9x19 and 9x21 Dean and Crowley work a job together. It doesn't go quite as planned. Then again, maybe it doesn't have to.

A/N: This story was written for twisted_slinky as part of the spnspringfling challenge 2015 for the prompt "Because grave robbing is so old school".

Read on: LJ | AO3 | FF.net

Prompting Game over at SPNpairingbingo!


As part of our amnesty games, we're hosting our next game, in which you prompt a pairing and someone claims it and writes, does art, etc. for it.  You don't have to have particpated in the last round of pairingbingo, and you don't have to participate in this upcoming round to play this game.  Prompting goes on until March 31st here.  Come play!